Seeds of a successful entrepreneurial revolution in Africa


Key factors to success in creating and developing a sustainable business

(Kigali November 12th to 17th , 2019)

Choose the path of independence and financial success by creating and/or developing your prosperous business

If you answer « YES » to only one of the 9 questions below, THE FACOP TRAINING IS DESIGNED FOR YOU!

It is then the appropriate solution to your concerns.

Do you want to:

  1. Create your own business on a good basis or develop the one that already exists?
  2. Understand why 95% of companies do not celebrate their 5th anniversary? Create and have a private coaching for more success?
  3. Discover the hidden obstacles that would slow your path to success and happiness?
  4. Become financially independent and have more time for you and your love ones?
  5. Be aware of your talents, have your independence from modern slavery and sell your genius?
  6. Increase your emotional and financial intelligence?
  7. Discover and be part of a powerful network of committed, honest men and women who strive to succeed together in order to positively influence other Africans?
  8. Help in getting Africa back on its feet, politically and economically?
  9. Get out of the ‘cave’ and learn to ‘think wider than the limits of your daily murals?

Let’s meet at Kigali from November 12th to 17th, 2019!

Thus, during 2 special training sessions (FACOP-A1 and FACOP-A2), Lucas KAMDEM, Civil Principal Administrator of the retired scale, CEO of the MTA-DC Group and FACOCOM, Professional Coach, author of the French book «De la misère à l’abondance – Les secrets des entrepreneurs riches, heureux et fiers de l’être» translated «FROM MISERY TO WEALTH- The Hidden Secrets of the Rich through an African paradigm» will share with you the fruits of his research and experience as an entrepreneur in Africa, France, China and the United Arab Emirates for more than 20 years. He will present, among other things, the key factors to success in creating and developing a sustainable business. With the help of his collaborators and friends, he will help you to think, change your world-view, change sides and change your life. Thus it will prevent you from getting in the trap of «if I had known»…

FACOCOM SAS created the FACOP (Future Africa Coaching Program) training seminars for Africans who want to become completely independent, sustainably rich, happy and fulfilled.

Parents who want to be proud of their children and leave their legacy in good hands should invest in their financially education. With FACOP, they will learn the secrets of successful entrepreneurs, as well as other principles and values that are not taught in classical schools.

PS:For more information or to register, please contact LEBANON HOTEL KIGALI at +250 788 799 262, +250 785 008 632, +250 785 008 632, The Managing Director of FACOCOM SAS at +237 677 649 709 or one of our collaborators at +237 675 306 676 or +237 651 902 923. Tuition fees are set in such a way that with no doubt, it is the best investment in a life. The 5 days will be absolutely rewarding with a « satisfied or refunded » guarantee. Inform your love ones so they can take advantage of this opportunity. There will be a FACOP-A1 session in Kigali (November 12th-14th, 2019) and a FACOP-A2 session (November 16th-17th, 2019). FACOP-A2 is reserved for those who have already attended to a FACOP-A1 session, including those of Kigali 2019. We highly recommend you to take this opportunity and participate in both sessions.

We are at your disposal!

Lucas Kamdem